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Ceramic Coatings

Here at Detailed Motorsports we use the industry leader GYEON Base Coat Type 1 & Base Coat Type 2. We also offer the option to pair it with the phenomenal Top Coat Type 1 or Top Coat Type 2.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Base Type 1 and 2. Base Type 1 is an exciting coating and the first of its kind in the automotive industry. By using Fluorine Modified Polysilazanes, GYEON is able to create a single layer professional-grade ceramic coating that delivers amazing performance. The application is smooth. The wipe-off is fast and slick. And the coating delivers incredible long-term hydrophobic properties. Think gloss, feel, and repellency of DuraFlex in a single layer. 

If you are looking to take Base Type 1 or Base Type 2 to the next level, then Top Coat Type 1 is the answer. It is very easy to apply over either Base coating and will add even more gloss, more durability, and extend the hydrophobic properties of both coatings. This is the ultimate GYEON combo for maximum looks and protection.

How Long do coatings last?

A question with no real answers. Durability can not be confused with the duration of the warranty.

Durability depends on a variety of factors:

– mileage covered;

– type and frequency of maintenance;

– where the vehicle is parked;

– which climate it is used in.


The durability of the protective abilities of a coating is much longer than the durability of the hydrophobic effect.


Every coating can get clogged up with contaminants as soon as 6 months, yet it will still provide protection against UV/oxidation/chemicals.


The basic durability claims are equal to the warranty terms with customer maintenance, so:


Q² Base Type 1/2 with or without topcoat are rated for up to 5 years of durability.

Q² Flash EVO is rated for up to 3 years of durability.

Q² CanCoat Pro is rated for up to 12+ months of durability.

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